Santorini, the island of every expectation…
the island of our dreams!
Life is more exciting
when you discover the alternative!

Welcome to Santorini

You are at the place where the Aegean Sea meets the unlimited sources of the earth’s power…
… to the point where the volcanic lava sculpts the finest works of art…
… on the island where the great history meets the dynamic present,
and blended together they create a dreamy future.
Santorini, the island of every expectation,… the island of our dreams!
Join us!
Let us guide you to the fulfilment of your dreams!

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Our Tours

“Let your hands go traveling if you can here on time’s curve with the ship that touched the horizon”

Giorgos Seferis

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Must do tour...

We were on a cruise ship and knew that Santorini would be crowded so we booked a private customized tour with Insight Santorini. Fabulous! Alexandra was an amazing guide. We asked for her suggestions and they were all wonderful, especially Akrotiri! Alexandria has an archaeological background and opened our eyes to this amazing site. It had not been on the top of our list of things to see in Santorini, but we all (10 of us) left in awe of what we learned and saw there. We now consider it a must-see! All-in-all, the best tour of the trip...and the best way to experience Santorini if you only have a day and want to avoid the crowds, but see the best of Santorini.

Trip Advisor Reviewer

Brilliant guide

Alexandra is a brilliant guide to offer you unique insights and show you the hidden gems of a destination!!!!

Lena S.
Facebook Reviewer